How To Remove Self Tanner From Your Hands

Mar 31, 2022 | How To: Tutorials

Creating a gorgeous golden glow on your body only to realize your hands look patchy or stained is every glow getters nightmare. Don’t worry though! We show you how to gel self tan off hands and share our top tips to avoid patchy finishes going forward. 

How to get self tan off hands before they stain

You’ve just finished creating your gorgeous, golden glow, but forgot to use a mitt and aren’t sure how to prevent self-tanner hands? We’ve got you covered…


Step 1: Clean your palms

Getting self tan off your hands isn’t as simple as just washing them with soap and water. To preserve the tan on top but avoid staining your palms, use a washcloth or face wipe to carefully clean the underside of your hands and fingers as soon as you’ve finished your tan application.


Step 2: Wipe the crevices between your fingers

Every glow getter will tell you that self tan settles into dry skin, creating an uneven finish. As hands are particularly dry between the fingers, always remember to wipe a cloth along those crevices to prevent your tanner from settling there. Nothing says faux glow like extra dark fingers!


Step 3: Clean your fingernails

Don’t forget to wipe down your cuticles too. No one wants darkened fingernails.


How to get self tan off hands after they stain

If it’s too late to follow the above tips, don’t worry! You can easily get self tan off your hands with these 2 methods.


Method 1: Fade your tan

To slough away the top layer of self tan, gently massage an exfoliator over the skin for 5 minutes, focusing on the darker areas. Rinse to reveal a more even-looking tan.

Our Tan Remover Mitt was designed to correct tanning mistakes and buff away excess tan that has settled onto the skin. Simply rub over the darker areas. Alternatively, our St.Tropez Body Exfoliator can be massaged into the skin to gradually remove self tanner for an even fade.


Method 2: Completely remove your tan

If you’d prefer to start again, you can easily remove your self tanner using our Tan Removing Mousse. In just 5 minutes, it washes away all traces of tan – even the dark patches!

  • Apply the Tan Remover to dry hands.
  • Massage into the hands and along the fingers, focusing on dry areas like the knuckles and in between the fingers.
  • Wait 5 minutes for the mousse to work its magic.
  • Rinse hands in warm water.


How To Avoid Getting Self Tanner Hands

Of course, the easiest way to prevent dark, patchy hands, is to avoid staining them altogether.


Use a tanning mitt

To avoid staining your hands, always apply self tanner with a tanning mitt. Gels and mousses should be dispensed directly onto the mitt then swept over the skin, while mists should be spritzed onto the skin then blended with the mitt.


Moisturize before applying tan

Make sure you lightly moisturize your hands with our Tan Enhancing Moisturizer before you apply any tan. Pay particular attention to the knuckles and the palms to prevent the tan from clinging to dry areas.


Tan hands with a mist

For a natural finish, simply spritz our Purity Face Mist or Purity Vitamins Body Mist over your hands in downward motions. These mists have a powder-soft finish and distribute evenly over the skin.


Blend with a makeup brush

If you’d prefer to use a tanning mousse or gel, use a makeup brush to follow the natural creases of the hand and create a patch-free finish.


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