Image of the St Tropez Self-Tan Mist, the best fake tan for face


Best Fake Tan For Face

Looking for the best face tan? Discover our two face-specific tanners infused with skincare benefits.

2022-01-14 06:56:58 By St.Tropez Tan

How To: Video Tutorials

How To Remove Fake Tan

Here’s how to remove fake tan in 4 simple steps.

2022-01-07 07:00:23By St.Tropez Tan


How To: Tutorials

How To Glow In Three Hours Or Less

We show you how to tan fast with the St.Tropez Express Tan range.

2021-12-31 08:00:39By St.Tropez Tan

St.Tropez tan review


St.Tropez Tan Review: Why We're Globally Loved

‘It’s like magic in a bottle’

2021-12-24 07:00:09 By St.Tropez Tan