What Is The Longest Lasting Self Tanner?

Oct 1, 2021 | Products

There’s nothing more frustrating than meticulously applying your self tan only for it to fade after just a few days. So, naturally, when it comes to self tanning, the question on every glow-getter’s mind is where to find the longest lasting self tanner.

For a glow that keeps on going, follow our advice on where to find the longest lasting fake tan and how to apply it to stay beautifully bronzed for longer.


What is the longest lasting self tanner?

At St.Tropez, we pride ourselves on having some of the longest lasting fake tans in the business. Thanks to their clever moisturizing formulas with natural tanning actives, our self tanners keep you looking sunkissed for longer. If you’re looking for a tan that stays with you for the long run, we recommend trying our silky Classic Bronzing Mousse.

longest lasting self tanner

Our Classic Mousse’s award-winning foam formula is infused with Jojoba Oil and skin care actives to leave skin feeling nourished – and as we all know hydrated and healthy skin is the secret to a slow and evenly fading tan.

Our lightweight tanning mousse adapts to individual skin tone to leave you beautifully bronzed for up to 10 days. Available in Dark and Extra Dark shades too, you’re in complete control of setting your own tone.


How to apply the longest lasting self tanner

While the product you use makes the biggest difference to how long your glow lasts, there are a few things you can do when applying self tanner to ensure that your skin stays sunkissed for as long as possible.

longest lasting self tanner

Step 1: Prep

We’ll let you in on a secret: the key to the longest lasting self tanner lies in the prep! Having a smooth and hydrated base is so important if you’re looking for a long-lasting glow.

The day before you self tan, exfoliate the whole body with our Tan Enhancing Body Polish And Exfoliator to buff away any dry or rough areas that cause patchiness and fast-fading tan. Then, a few hours before applying self tan, moisturize dry areas such as the knees, elbows and feet with our Tan Enhancing Body Moisturizer for a streak-free finish.


Step 2: Apply

For long-lasting results, apply your St.Tropez Classic Mousse with a Luxe Applicator Mitt. Our velvet-soft, waterproof mitt is dual-sided for easy and flawless application. Pump the long-lasting self tanner onto the mitt and sweep in large circular motions all over the body, working from the feet upwards.


Step 3: Rinse

Rinse after 4 to 8 hours and watch your perfect, long-lasting, natural golden tan develop! Try to wash in lukewarm rather than hot water, as this can cause tan to fade faster.


Step 4: Top up

You’ll be glowing for 10 days thanks to our Classic Mousse. However, tan can sometimes fade faster on the hands simply because we wash them more! If you notice this happening, it’s easy to top up your tan with our Purity Vitamins Bronzing Mist. Spritz over the hands (or anywhere else that could do with a tan top up) and you’ll be good to glow for even longer!

Now that you’ve discovered the longest lasting self tanner, you can go longer between tanning sessions and spend more time basking in your own glow! With the right tanning product and a little extra prep, you’ll look beautifully bronzed for days on end.


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