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How To Prepare For Your Spray Tan

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About to go for your spray tan and wondering what spray tan prep you need to do? We’ve got you covered with this guide…

Dress code

spray tan prep

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Firstly, what happens in the salon, stays in the salon – so don’t be concerned! You will be offered disposable underwear or you can wear your own, just make sure they’re not your favorite and go for black. Your therapist will give you some sticky feet (tanned soles of the feet isn’t a great look), a hair towel and will apply moisturizer to dry areas. Your tan should only take around 15 minutes.

Spray tan prep

  • If you have time, start exfoliating every 2-3 days & moisturizing daily before to ensure skin is super hydrated
  • Exfoliate with St.Tropez Tan Enhancing Body Polish or Tan Remover Mitt the day before for a fresh base
  • Ensure any hair removal is done 24 hours before
  • On the day of your appointment, ensure your skin is free from moisture, deodorants and makeup

Which tan is right for me?

st tropez express mousse

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We have a range of tans available that suit all occasions. Whether you want a luxe luminous finish, a classic golden glow, a deep, dark tan or a subtle vitamins boost, we’ve got the tan for you.  Not sure which one to go for? We recommend our Express Mist, which allows you to choose your depth of tan and it rinses off more quickly than other tanning products. Perfect if you’re in a rush!

Rinse off our Express Professional Mist after:

  • 1 hour – for a Light Sunkissed Glow
  • 2 hours – for a Medium Tan
  • 3 hours – for a Deep, Dark Bronze

How long does a spray tan take to develop?

Spray tans usually take 4-8 hours to develop, so try not to let your skin get wet in that time. Unless you opt for the Express Mist, which allows you to control your depth of tan. Rinse it off after 1 hour to look like you’ve spent a weekend in Paris, 2 hours for a week in the Caribbean or 3 hours for that 2 weeks in Bora Bora bronze!

No time to rinse? No problem! With our NEW Purity Vitamins spray tan solution, simply apply to get the glow. And there’s no transfer!

Do’s & Don’t’s

DON’T panic when you rinse off your tan and all the color goes down the drain – we call that guide color, your tan will not wash away!

DON’T wear anything too tight after a spray tan and opt for dark clothing (unless choosing Purity Vitamins).  Once the tan is developed and the guide color is rinsed, you can show off your tan in a lovely little white dress!

DO get yourself on the sofa, catch up on your favorite TV show & relax! As you need to ensure you don’t get your tan wet or do any exercise until it’s developed, self tanning is a great way to get out of that spin class you hate going to.

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