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Dec 1, 2021 | How To: Video Tutorials

Wondering how to tan your faceA flawless face tan is a simple way to make sure that you’re flaunting a natural-looking glow from head to toe. From using a tanning mist, to the benefits of our St.Tropez face serum, celebrity facialist and skincare expert Michaella Bolde shares her five top face tan tips...

Tanning tips: How to tan your face 

1. With a St.Tropez face mist 

The easy and fastest way to get a flawless face tan is by using the Purity Face Mist 

This clean and clear tanning mist creates a beautiful bronzed look, while caring for your skin too. It’s infused with 100% natural tanning actives, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, antioxidant-rich Hibiscus Extract, and refreshing Green Mandarin Water to give your skin an instant hydration boost and subtle tan. Simply apply three spritzes of our St.Tropez face mist across the center of your face and allow it to settle onto the skin. 

Top Tip: You can apply our face tan mist over the top of your makeup or onto clean and dry skin. There’s no need to rinse and no transfer.


2. With a St.Tropez face serum

Alternatively, you can tan your face using the Purity Vitamins Face Serum.

Boasting Vitamin C and D Boosters, Hyaluronic Acid, Peach Flower Extract, and Green Mandarin Water, our St.Tropez face serum gives your complexion a natural-looking, bronzed radiance, while hydrating too. Mix a couple of drops of tanning serum into your moisturizer, then apply it directly onto your face, neck and decolletage. You’ll achieve a glowing tan in 4 to 6 hours. 


3. Apply face tan with a foundation brush

If you’re after a more sculpted look, why not use a foundation brush to buff or contour for a glowing face tan? Add a drop of tan to the back of your hand, then dip your foundation brush into it and sweep it under your cheekbones, across your jaw and down your nose. It will give your face a charming chiseled look.


Face tanning tips 

When you’re learning how to tan your face, these extra tanning tips will help you to achieve a flawless, natural-looking finish.

how to tan face

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Protect fair hair from your face tan

If you have blonde or fair hair, remember to apply a drop of moisturizer on your eyebrows and hairline to act as a barrier so that your face tan doesn’t discolor your hair. 


Use Hyaluronic Acid-infused skincare 

Both the Purity Face Mist and Purity Vitamins Face Serum are infused with Hyaluronic Acid. This molecule, which is naturally found within the layers of your skin, helps to retain and collect water. Using  Hyaluronic Acid-infused fake tan for face is a great way to keep your skin hydrated, whilst achieving a gorgeous golden tan.   

Now you know how to tan your face, you can explore our full range of Purity and Purity Vitamins face tan products. If you’re interested in learning more about the skincare benefits of using our St.Tropez face mist or tanning serum, why not find out more about the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid? 


Video transcript


  • Tanning Tips: How To Tan Your Face
  • With Celebrity Facialist and Skincare expert Michaella Bolder
  • Tip 1: The Easiest Way
  • Spritz & glow with Purity Face Mist
  • Michaela Talking: The Easiest and Fastest way to tan your face is using Purity Face Mist. You only need to apply three spritz across the center of your face And you’re done. Remember, you can apply this product over the top of your make-up or whether you’re at home with clean and dry skin.
  • Wear under or over make-up!
  • No rinse, no transfer
  • Tip 2: Customise your glow
  • Mix with your daily moisturizer or SPF
  • Michaella Talking: You can add a drop of your purity vitamins face serum into your moisturizer for a lighter coverage. Mix the two together and massage into the face. This is to lighten and customize your serum for daily use and a longer-lasting tan.
  • Tip 3: For a more contoured look use a brush to buff
  • Michaella talking: Try using a foundation brush to buff or contour on your face. Use a little drop of tan and contour under the cheekbones, across the jaw and down the nose for a contoured even finish.
  • Tip 4: Fair hair?
  • Use moisturizer to create a barrier to the tan
  • Michaella talking: for those with blonde or fair hair, remember to apply a drop of moisturizer on those areas just to act as a barrier so the tan doesn’t discolor the hair.
  • Tip 5: For a hydrating glow, add a hyaluronic acid-infused self-tan to your skincare routine.
  • Result? A sunkissed glow without the harmful UV rays
  • Michaella talking: Hyaluronic acid is a molecule already found naturally within our skin layers. It helps to retain and collect water so you can wear less makeup
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