Ashley Graham is our new Global Brand Ambassador!

Mar 31, 2022 | Products

Over a year in the making, we are so pleased to reveal the latest member of our St.Tropez Tribe….our new Global Brand Ambassador, Ashley Graham. An American supermodel, entrepreneur and role model to millions she brings it all, helping us glow inside and out!

Ashley will be leading our ‘You Set the Tone’ Campaign, encouraging everyone to feel good, embrace their individuality and glow with confidence. To kick off the partnerships, she sat down with our team to talk all things body confidence, tanning and beauty tips… 


A chat with Ashley Graham

Why St.Tropez?

“I’m so excited to be working with St.Tropez! I’ve always taken great care of my skin and have been mindful of the amount of sun exposure I receive. I come from a family of farmers who spent lots of time in the sun without knowing the effects of constant skin exposure.”

“I love that St.Tropez products allow you to achieve a natural-looking glow throughout the year without having to spend extended amounts of time in the sun. I started spray tanning and using self tanner products to achieve a glow in a healthier, safer and quicker way.”

“St.Tropez has always been my trusted go-to for a healthy, natural-looking tan, and I love that the products make it easy and quick to have a natural-looking glow year-round.”


When did you first use self tan and why?

“I started using self tanner after I realized how damaging tanning beds can be for your skin. In high school, we would sometimes tan every day, or even twice a day! A few years later, I really started noticing the effects. The first time I self tanned was for a modeling job. After I saw how fast, easy and safe it was, I never went to a tanning bed again!”

Do you have a favorite self tan?

“Given my busy schedule, I especially love the St.Tropez express mousse as it’s so quick and easy to use. For an everyday glow, I’d opt for the Purity Bronzing Waters which hydrate while they tan. I literally just spritz and glow!”


Can you share your secret to glowing skin?

“Water! Always hydrate from the outside in, and always wear SPF, even on days when you think you don’t need it. When I’m using products to enhance my glow, I always make sure they have an ultra-hydrating formula.”

What does beauty mean to you?

“Beauty is inclusive, diverse and begins from within. It’s personal and not defined by your appearance.”


How did you become so confident?

“Confidence is a journey and different for everyone. There were many times in my life when I couldn’t recognize my self-worth and truly hated the way I looked in the mirror, but I was fortunate to have been raised by a family that taught me the importance of feeling confident in my own skin. Whenever I would struggle with my confidence, my mother would remind me that my body had the ability to change someone’s life one day.”


What’s your number 1 confidence-boosting secret?

“Affirmations – my daily mantra is ‘you are bold, you are brilliant and you are beautiful’. I started affirmations because at one point, I couldn’t even look in the mirror and confidently say ‘I love you’. When you think and speak positively about yourself, you change your entire state of mind. You become more self-assured and worthy.”

“You are bold, you are brilliant and you are beautiful.”


How does having a tan make you feel?

“Radiant! But for me, it’s not just about glowing skin – having a golden glow on the outside also gives me confidence on the inside. I feel like I can take on the world with a tan! I couldn’t be more proud to partner with St.Tropez to kick off a brighter tone for 2021.”

ashley graham st tropez purity face mist


More to come!

We’ve got even more exciting news coming very soon! Get ready for exclusive content, behind the scene previews, Ashley’s top tanning tips and lots more…


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