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How To Clean A Tanning Mitt

how to clean a tanning mitt

Often overlooked, your trusty tanning mitt is essential when it comes to achieving the perfect tan. We don’t know if you’ve ever tried to self tan without one (definitely not something we’d recommend) but, in short, it will leave you with a big, streaky mess. Knowing how to clean a tanning mitt will help your tanning glove to last longer and make it that much easier to achieve a flawless glow every time. 

how to use a tanning mitt

Our guide to tanning mitt care

When it comes to looking after your tanning glove, washing after every use is essential. Keeping your tanning mitt clean will not only make it easier to apply a streak-free tan, but will also make your glove last longer. When properly cared for, a good quality tanning mitt can last anywhere from 3 months to a year before it needs to be replaced, depending on how regularly you tan. 

When your mitt begins to lose its shape and becomes stained, you’ll know that it’s time to treat yourself to a new tanning glove. If you’re looking for the best tanning mitt, we recommend our Dual Sided Luxe Applicator Mitt. Its double-sided velvet finish helps it to glide seamlessly over the skin, allowing you to apply your favorite self tanner easily, evenly and smoothly. 

How to clean a tanning mitt

Even if you’re using the very best tanning mitt, it’s hard to get a streak-free glow when your glove is dirty. For best results, your tanning glove should be hand washed in warm water with a gentle soap. By avoiding a washing machine and harsh detergents, your tanning mitt will keep its shape and velvety-soft finish. 

how to clean a tanning mitt

Step 1

Fill a sink or bowl with lukewarm water and soap. Immerse your tanning mitt in the soapy solution and leave to soak for a few minutes. 

Step 2

Once soaked, hold your tanning glove under a cool running tap, rubbing gently between the palms to rinse away any soap until the water runs clear. 

Step 3

For best results, repeat this process 3 times to remove all self tan stains. Our Buffing Mitt, used to blot and buff away any excess tan after application, should also be washed in this way after every use. 

Step 4

Using a dryer on your tanning mitt can cause it to shrink and distort. Instead, gently squeeze out any excess water and leave your glove to dry flat in a well-ventilated area. 

Step 5

Et voila! Now that your tanning mitt is clean, you’re ready to get your glow on all over again! 

Whether you swear by getting your glow on with a tanning mousse, gel, spray, or lotion, your tanning mitt is your most important tool. Now that you know how to clean a tanning mitt, you can give your trusty mitt the TLC it needs to last longer and achieve a streak-free tan every time. 

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