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Tanning While Pregnant

Wondering if self tanner is safe for pregnancy? You’re not alone! Glow getters often ask us if they’ll have to sacrifice their beautifully bronzed limbs while pregnant – but don’t worry! With a pregnancy safe self tanner, you can maintain your golden glow right up to your due date and beyond. 

Can you use self tanner while pregnant?

So, is it safe to self tan while pregnant? There’s no reason why you can’t stay bronzed with a fake tan when you’re expecting, though you may prefer to avoid getting a spray tan while pregnant (as the effects of inhaling the spray aren’t fully known).

DHA, the active ingredient found in tanning products, reacts with the surface layer of skin to give you the golden glow you know and love. This reactions takes place on the outermost layers of your skin with no risk of absorption of DHA, making it perfectly safe to use self tanner while pregnant.

When our products are safety assessed, use during pregnancy is considered as part of the test, so you can rest assured that there’s no reason to change your tanning products on the grounds of safety concerns when you’re expecting. For anyone who is expecting and suffering from a pre-existing condition or health concern, we would advise that you consult your doctor before starting a tanning regime.

Above all, self tanning is about feeling your best, and a subtle glow can help to give you the confidence boost you need on days when you’re feeling a little peaky.

Is skin more sensitive during pregnancy?

Due to the hormone changes that occur during pregnancy, you may find that your skin is more sensitive and susceptible to reactions, even with products that you’ve used before. This is usually due to fragrance rather than ingredients, but it’s always best to patch test your self tanner on a small area of skin 24 hours before you tan.

Can you use self tanner while breastfeeding?

As DHA isn’t absorbed by the body, there’s no risk of it harming your baby or contaminating breastmilk, making it perfectly safe to use fake tan while breastfeeding. Just try to avoid tanning the breast area to avoid any guide color rubbing onto your baby’s face or being swallowed.

How to choose a pregnancy safe self tanner

While it is totally safe to use any St.Tropez fake tan while pregnant, it’s a good idea to opt for one of our extra moisturizing, skin-nourishing formulas. Keeping skin well moisturized is really important when you’re pregnant, as it will keep your skin flexible, helping it to stretch as your baby bump grows. 

pregnancy safe self tanner

St.Tropez Gradual Tan Lotion

For a natural-looking, buildable glow, it’s hard to beat our Gradual Tan Lotion. Ultra-hydrating and super easy to apply, this pregnancy safe self tanner delivers a 48 hour dose of moisture to help to keep your skin soft and supple.  

With its hydrating formula also available in Medium-Dark and Tinted lotions, we’ve made sure that you’re in control of your own tone with our Gradual Tan. Simply reapply as often as desired to maintain your perfect shade! Our gradual lotion also makes a great self tanner for post-pregnancy. With no need to rinse, and easy to apply like a moisturizer, it’s perfect for busy mums.

St.Tropez Purity Vitamins Bronzing Water Body Mist

Pregnancy skincare is all about using products that are both gentle and nourishing, and this rule should also extend to how you use fake tan while pregnant. Our Purity Vitamins collection is enriched with ultra-hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, Green Mandarin Water and Vitamins C and D to keep your skin looking its healthiest while you flaunt a gorgeous medium golden tan. Our tanning waters are also 100% clean, which we know is often an important consideration for pregnant women.

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We know that motherhood can be exhausting, particularly when you’re expecting. Part of the reason why our Purity Vitamins Body Mist makes such a great pregnancy safe self tanner is down to its easy application, no-rinse formula. For the perfect golden tan, simply spritz, blend with a Tanning Mitt and get ready to glow! Less time spent applying your fake tan while pregnant gives you a few more all-important moments to yourself. Our best pregnancy advice? Get all the rest you can! 

Our Purity Vitamins Body Mist also solves the dilemma of how to tan your back while pregnant. Using its handy nozzle applicator, simply spray the tanning mist over your shoulders before blending with a Mitt. 

Our top tips for using fake tan while pregnant

1. Apply onto a smooth base for a long-lasting glow

Exfoliating before you apply self tan will help you to achieve a flawless finish and keep you glowing for longer. The day before tanning, gently massage our Tan Enhancing Body Polish over damp skin to slough away dry patches. 

2. Keep your skin hydrated

As we mentioned above, keeping skin well moisturized is essential during pregnancy. To keep your skin healthy and your tan looking flawless for longer, keep our Tan Enhancing Body Moisturizer to hand. 

3. Find a willing volunteer

Tanning is all about feeling your best, and sometimes (especially when dealing with pregnancy fatigue) we feel our best when letting someone else do the work for a change! If you have an assistant to hand, why not ask them to tan any hard-to-reach areas for you. 

From finding the best pregnancy safe self tanner, to how to tan your back while pregnant, our tips on using fake tan while pregnant will keep up your glow while you’re expecting. 

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